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26 juillet 2017 (mercredi) La course a lieu dans 4 mois # 0
La course démarre à 05:45.
Course à Etapes - 96 kilomètres
6500 mètres de dénivelé positif cumulé.
Le nombre de participants est limité à 50 coureurs.


We’ve been thinking about Kokoda Xtreme for many years, but we wanted to get it right. Our story begins back in 2004 when we launched our sister company, Kokoda Spirit, and embarked on the Kokoda Track with our very first team of trekkers. Kokoda Spirit has now taken thousands of people safely along the 96kms of the Kokoda Track, giving them the opportunity to experience something really special. To walk in the footsteps of our heroes is a heady experience that blows away our preconceived limitations of our physical ability, endurance and reminds us that the human spirit and our boundaries are only limited by our ability to dream and believe. We’ve taken our many years of experience on Kokoda to develop world class adventures that will push you to your limits. Kokoda Xtreme incorporates some of the world’s toughest jungle adventures that will seriously test your physical and mental strength and give you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our heroes and see history in front of your very own eyes. Our Xtreme adventures include the Kokoda Ultra Marathon, Coast to Coast Challenge, Kokoda Fast Trek Challenge and Kokoda Back to Back Challenge. Each one is uniquely physically demanding and a challenge in it’s own right. We’re really excited to offer our Xtreme adventures to an audience who may not have considered Kokoda before. We’re passionate about giving as many people as possible the opportunity to experience it’s magic and understand the courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice of the men of Kokoda. Kokoda means many things to many different people so whether you’re running, trekking or biking across Kokoda it is all about getting to the heart and soul of the track and discovering what really makes it tick. We can guarantee you an experience of a lifetime and we can absolutely guarantee that you WILL be inspired, you WILL feel the aura and the spirit of our heroes, and you WILL be achieving something significant and extraordinary.



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