Emilie Lecomte, Lionel Bonnel the 2015 Echappee Belle ambassadors

03 avr. 2015 12h45
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Communiqué de presse
Crédit : Jean-Luc Augier

Both will join in the 144km race and add hope to add another accomplishment to their impressive track records !

Emilie Lecomte previous prestigious successes include: le Tor des geants, le Grand raid 73, le Grand raid de la Reunion (twice), l’Andorra Ultra Trail Mitic, le Trail des Aiguilles rouges, L’Occitane 6666, les Drayes du Vercors… In 2012 she smashed the ladies record for the GR20 in Corisca, beating it by 9 hours, crossing Corsica from north to south: 200 km with a 14 500m ascension in 41h22min.

Emilie plans her race season by selecting only the trails that inspire her or locations that she has always dreamt of exploring. L’Echappee Belle Helly Hansen will be one of the chosen few this year. “I am honored to have been asked to be an ambassador for the 3rd edition of L’Echappee Belle. I have not participated in L’Echappee Belle before, however those around me who have have convinced me that it is a race not to be missed”.

Her decision to run the 144km trail is due to a desire to “push herself physically and take advantage of the incredible surroundings”. Her desire is to take part in a trail “that is both technically challenging and inspirational, to discover new surroundings and a new playing field”. We are convinced that L’Echappee Belle will prove fulfilling! Emilie is sponsored by Les Saisies, Fereï et Julbo.

Lionel Bonnel, is a seasoned sportsman and a accomplished mountaineer and has competed at a high level in both alpine skiing and ski mountaineering. He too is a world renowned trail runner. During his career he has won the Trail de l’etendard, le Verdon Canyon Xtrem, Courchevel Xtrail, le Restonica trail, la Sky race in the Ecrins national park, the 6000D, le Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise, le Tour de la Grande casse, les Drayes du Vercors…

The Belledonne winter sceane is home to this elite sportsman, above St Colomban des Villards is where he first donned his touring skis, “you could say that this is where it all started for me, 30 years ago already!!!”. Lionel has committed to the 144 km race and cannot wait to discover the technically challenging wild trails that will undoubtably be fulfilling. “I want to live each moment and not fixate on a finishing position, as long as I can run with a smile on my face” (taken from the book “Des Foulées ”). Lionel is sponsored by Les Sybelles et Technica