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RunCzech presents a new off-road race Liberec Nature Run

10 oct. 2018 14h24
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Ondřej Fejfar
Crédit : RunCzech

On a sunny Sunday October 7, 2018 more than 2600 runners were standing at the start line of a brand new RunCzech race – Liberec Nature Run, which took its participants out of the city into forests and uphill the Jizera Mountains. The first to cross the finish line of the 22 km distance were Czech famous runners Vit Pavlista among men (01:19:45) and Zuzana Kocumova (01:39:06) among women. The winners of a shorter 12 km distance were Ondrej Fejfar (00:44:26) and Jana Pekarova (00:53:02), both from the Czech Republic.

RunCzech, the organizer of the nine main running events in the Czech Republic with seven races awarded the IAAF Gold Label has finished its 2018 season presenting a brand new race – Liberec Nature Run held in the north of the country. The event was offering two main distances – 22 km and 12 km – as well as a short 2,5 km non-competitive family run.

“To meet the needs of our runners we have decided to create a different race with a challenging off-road course that brings runners to the nature of the Jizera Mountains. Starting in the city center the vast majority of the race goes through a protected landscape area of the Jizera Mountains. The participants could enjoy running through the green forest, around the dam and the granite quarry. Moreover, everyone who managed to complete the race could also look forward to a finisher t-shirt and a unique medal in the form of a granite stone in a special handmade bag,” adds the race director Vaclav Skrivanek.

The RunCzech running season 2018 is over but the runners can also look forward to the two winter races co-organized by RunCzech in the south of Italy known as Napoli Running events (Sorrento-Positano 27 and 54 km on December 2 and Napoli City Half Marathon on February 24).

The registrations for all RunCzech events 2019, including the 25th Volkswagen Prague Marathon, are already open at


Men 22 km

1. VÍT PAVLIŠTA | CZE |	01:19:45 
2. ROBERT HECZKO | CZE | 01:26:48 
3. JAKUB STEJSKAL | CZE | 01:32:54 

Women 22 km

1. ZUZANA KOCUMOVÁ | CZE |	01:39:06 
2. MARCELA RAMBOVÁ | CZE | 01:45:56 
3. MARCELA VLČKOVÁ | CZE | 01:47:12 

Men 12 km

1. ONDŘEJ FEJFAR | CZE | 00:44:26 
2. ONDŘEJ CHOUR | CZE |	00:44:36 
3. MICHAL BURIAN | CZE | 00:48:46 

Women 12 km

1. JANA PEKAŘOVÁ | CZE | 00:53:02 
2. IVANA VÁVRŮ | CZE | 00:58:27 
3. SIMONA BUDÁČOVÁ | CZE | 00:58:53